Launching a Fat Loss Product Next Year

Four months ago I took a picture of myself and I didn’t like what I saw so I thought i’d go to the gym 5 days a week. I lost some weight initially then I hit a plateu I thought i’d do some research and change the way I eat and exercise. After experimenting on myself (and others!) I thought … Read More

5 reasons why you will never succeed online!

You look for shortcuts If anyone tells you that you can start to make huge sums of money online in one hour/by the evening then they are lying to you. Success online can vary depending on individuals. It took me 2 months to make money online. Others may do this in 2 weeks some may take 2 years. There is … Read More

Why Use WordPress to make websites?

WordPress is a extremely popular CMS (Content Management System) and is used by many webmasters. Here are benefits of using wordpress in Web Design. 1) Its free WordPress is a open source website creation tool the code it is written in is PHP. 2) Security Updates Security updates are released to prevent hackers and to maintain website stability. 3) Easy … Read More

5 Steps to Avoid Procrastinating

1) Break large tasks down When leaving anything at the last minute you automatically feel like the odds are stacked against you, This can be avoided by breaking it down in smaller manegable chunks. For example if I had a 10,000 word report I would give myself at least 10 days to make it easier for myself and attempt 1000 … Read More

Respect your customers…provide free quality content

Imagine buying a $100 pair of jeans at your local store, the next day you see the same pair of jeans being sold in a magazine for $50, how would you feel? I would personally feel ripped off and would not shop at my local store again. If someone can sell the same pair for $50 in  magazine and still … Read More

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is when a product is promoted by another individual or company on behalf of the owner. In a nutshell you are promoting another persons product and getting a commission from every sale. Affiliates are given their own codes or ID’s and get rewarded per sale. Some of the commissions online for affiliate marketing are 60% or more this is to … Read More

Do you have what it takes to succeed online?

If everyone could succeed online the majority of people would not work 9-5. Creating a profitable business online although requires very little money, it is no easy task. You need to stay positive and believe in yourself You will encounter many people who will say your not good enough or do not believe in internet marketing. This is because they want you to be … Read More

4 ways to get people to your website

1) Build and use a mailing list ‘The money is in the list’ is a common quote used in the internet marketing industry. Sadly very few people implement this. The larger the list the higher earning potential you have. Just building a large list is not enough to make money, you need to make sure your email campaign and sales page … Read More