5 Steps to Avoid Procrastinating

1) Break large tasks down

When leaving anything at the last minute you automatically feel like the odds are stacked against you, This can be avoided by breaking it down in smaller manegable chunks. For example if I had a 10,000 word report I would give myself at least 10 days to make it easier for myself and attempt 1000 words a day.

2) Reward yourself

Give yourself a reward from time to time when you achieve a specific milestone. Breaks such as vacations, help eliminate procrastination as you will feel refreshed and ready to work.

3) Exercise

Exercise helps combat fatigue which generally leads of procrastination and laziness. I suggest going to the gym or walking in the morning before you begin work. If this is not possible after work is fine. Not only does exercise make you feel great it also helps keeping your mind sharp and full of ideas. A lazy person is more likely to procrastinate.

4) Ask for help on tasks you are struggling with

I am not telling you to copy others or rip their ideas. sometimes people procrastinate because they are unsure what they have to do in order to complete a task. Why not ask a friend for advise to achieve your goals. If something does not have to be your own work or written by you, it makes sense to outsource work you are struggling to complete.

5) Stay positive

if you are negative all the time, you will never complete anything and set yourself up to procrastinate. By staying positive and optimistic you will be able to complete tasks and stay focussed throughout the day.

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