Respect your customers…provide free quality content

Imagine buying a $100 pair of jeans at your local store, the next day you see the same pair of jeans being sold in a magazine for $50, how would you feel? I would personally feel ripped off and would not shop at my local store again. If someone can sell the same pair for $50 in  magazine and still make a profit then I am obviously not getting what I paid for.

If the situation was completely opposite and you purchased a $100 pair of jeans for $50 you would feel good, trust the store and would likely visit the store again. The same principle applies to internet marketing. However with online businesses a product costs you very little to distribute as you are only paying for your webhosting and autoresponders. You are only investing a small amount time. Cost per unit does not exist in monetary terms and their are no overheads for example staff to employ.

By providing your readers with ‘free’ quality content you will build a huge list of loyal customers and when you want them to purchase any of your products or products your affiliated with, they will trust you with their money, they know you always deliver quality and stick to your word. ‘Customers are always right’ this applies to all businesses for long term success.


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